Best Photoshoot Location In Pune- Yashodhan Agri Tourism

A splendid location for photoshoots in Pune, Yashodhan Agri Tourism is the first choice of Couples, YouTubers, Media Professionals, and Travelers. The resort is an ideal spot for couples looking for a glamorous pre-wedding photoshoot or post-wedding photoshoot location within Pune. Ditch the artificial photoshoot setups and enjoy the luxury of a naturally fancy backdrop at our property. With the backdrop being Tall Palm Trees, Serene Surroundings, Farms, Swiss Tents, Dramatic Skies, and Majestic Mountains, the property is picture-perfect! Photoshoots at Yashodhan Agri Tourism are very vibrant. We believe in the importance of capturing precious moments of life and turning them into beautiful memories over time….

Come, document your life’s sweetest adventures at our resort!

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