Explore the Near by Places staying in Yashodhan Agri Tourism


Lenyadri Caves - 25 KM

Lenyadri or Ganesh Pahar Caves, situated 5 km north of Junnar in Pune district, look like dark jails when you look at them from a distance enough to get the complete view of the entire cave. An hour's drive from Yashodhan Agri Tourism, Lenyadri, is a tourist attraction worth exploring.

Bhimashankar Temple - 75 KM

Bhimashankar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva in India. Located amid the dense, thick green rainforests, this temple is a popular tourist attraction in India, also for another reason. Thanks to the hilly region that it is surrounded by, this location is also the favorite for trekkers. Bhimashankar Temple is a 2 hours drive from our resort near  Narayangaon

Malshej Ghat.jpg

Malshej Ghat - 49 KM

A rambling nature retreat, Malshej Ghat is an abode full of waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. If you are a trekker, hiker, and a nature lover, this place is bound to excite you to the core. Malshej Ghat is just one and a half hour's drive from our resort in Junnar.

Ozar - 16 KM

Ozar is a 30 mins  drive from our resort near Alephata. Ozar is a beautiful landscape with mountains covered with forest. This place is famous for corn, grape farming, and Vigneshwara Temple. We are excited to take you to Ozar, and we are sure you are eager to visit this unique location too. 


Shivneri Fort - 23 KM

This fort is surrounded by steep upwards slopes from all four sides and is unassailable. There is small temple of Goddess Shivai and idols of Jijabai (Mother of Shri Shivaji) and Shivaji in his childhood


Tulja Caves - 25 KM

The cave has circular Chaitya hall surrounded by twelve octagonal pillars around Stupa.These caves are one of the earliest caves of Junnar, excavated around 50 B.C.

Amba Ambika Caves - 20 KM

This Chaitya-cave is somewhat on the plan of the Bedsa one, that is, it has two octagonal columns in front, supporting the entablature above the great window


Kukdeshwar - 40 KM

t is a Shiv temple noted for its beautiful sculptures and carvings. The roof of this temple is in a dilapidated state.